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Sales, Upgrade, and Maintenance. – We sell our technology in various categories of 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 50kw, 100kw, 150kw, 200kw, 500kw, 1MW up to 1GW even in a single location. We also assist to upgrade electricity generation capacity where there is increase in demand at a particular location or vicinity. Of course, our after sales maintenance services are top notch. From online monitoring of all installed units through SCADA systems in our Network Operating Centers, to physical deployment of our highly trained expert engineers, we are very prepared to effect maintenance that will ensure next to no downtime throughout any given year.

Independent Power Production. – We produce electricity for sales on power purchase agreement basis at attractive prices per kWh to Governments, Utilities, Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial Users, and Residential Estates and Homes. By this, we provide clean, green, affordable, reliable, constant electricity 24/7 at a minimum 97% efficiency rating.

Technology Substitution – For power producers who already have generation contracts, who must need change their technologies from fossil fuels types and other renewable energy sources to our technology. This will be necessary to meet unfolding government regulations on restrictions on the use of fossil fuel energy sources, control of environmental pollution, and encouragement of green renewable energy. The ensuing technological revolution will make obsolete other technologies and the comparative Levelized energy cost will be such that to continue with previous technologies to generate electricity will not be a wise business decision.

Trainings and Seminars – For power project risks analysts, power project financers, power project developers, power and utility companies, independent power producers, power generation and energy authorities involved in power production and distribution, distribution units engineers and all other professionals that will need retraining in the fields of renewable energy and magnetic power generation.

        Nationwide Maintenance Centers  We (have) maintenance centers with 24/7 lines nationwide to attend to all maintenance issues.

Apply as Local Electricity Distributor

Solomon Sunrise Creations offers you the opportunity to become a local electricity distributor to homes, factories, firms, communities, estates or any electricity-demanding entity.