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About us

Solomon Sunrise Creations Technologies (SSCT) Limited

Solomon Sunrise Creations Technologies (SSCT) Limited is an independent electricity generation, distribution and services company established to compliment government efforts to generate, distribute, and supply electricity to Nigerians at every level of consumption in the country. SSCT is affiliated with Solomon Sunrise Creations (SSC) Inc. Canada, the major marketing channel for some Canadian products for Nigeria and some other African countries. SSCT Clean Energy products are excellent renewable energy generation and supply products meant to alleviate the shortage of electricity power in countries around the world.


The founder has developed innovative marketing techniques to bring down uninterrupted  supply of power to homes, firms, religious centers, estates and even larger energy-intensive facilities. He has championed the cause of other initiatives in the world of technology in Nigeria and North America. Some of which are:

Online Language Forum

There exist a Soligsoft language learning initiative that has transformed online language learning by unique and learner-friendly mechanisms.

Soligsoft Keyboards

Soligsoft has proudly developed a language customised PC keyboard with inbuilt language translators used in North America.

Soligsoft Smartphones

Soligsoft also seeks to aid the linguistic dynamism of people by our in-built language apps in smartphones and tablets.